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  • At Centenary Park Camping Area visitors may notice that Red Gums are currently experiencing dieback, this is caused by a native insect, known as a Psyllid. Find out more. at Centenary Park Camping
    Tuesday 23 May, 2017 |
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Medium walk / Day walk
Rock climbing/abseiling
Scenic drive
Short walk
Camp fires
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Rock climbing

Mt Arapiles is widely regarded as the top rock climbing area in Australia and is world renowned. More than 2000 routes have been developed on the many cliffs, crags and…


Walking is a great way to discover the park. Marked walking tracks feature some spectacular views, catering for a range of fitness levels and time constraints.

Cycling and driving

The vehicle track circling the Mount is suitable for cycling and driving, and is a good spring wildflower walk. In winter only the eastern end of the track is opened…

Bluff Picnic Area

Enjoy the spectacular views from this picnic area. Basic facilities are provided - fireplaces and picnic tables. There are no toilets.

Centenary Park Camping

Centenary Park is a great spot to enjoy a picnic. Centenary campground is the only place to camp in the park. There are three camping areas withing the campground.Remember: Red…

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