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Walks around Mount Beckworth


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Short walk

The best way to enjoy the reserve is with a stroll. A network of tracks links all major features within the reserve. Remember to wear strong footwear and suitable clothing as some sections of track are steep.

The Dam to The Oval

30 minutes return

For a short walk and a great view of the surrounds, the clearing at the oval is a great vantage point.

The Dam to Mount Beckworth

2 hours, 30 minutes return

Continue across The Oval on to the summit of Mount Beckworth for breathtaking views of the countryside. See the many ancient volcanic peaks which have shaped the land over millions of years and the many mullock heaps from the mining days.

Cork Oaks to Mount Beckworth

2 hours return

Caution: there are some steep sections on this walk. Walk along Feldspar Track, which begins at the large patch of bracken at the top of the picnic area. This section of track guides you past an old feldspar mine and many impressive granite features. Splendid views can be gained from many sections of the track as it winds its way between huge old Stringybarks, eventually arriving at the summit of Mount Beckworth.

Cork Oaks Loop

3 hour loop

Follow the directions from the previous walk to the summit of Mount Beckworth. To return, take Northern Ridge Track towards The Oval. Turn down Link Track. You will notice that this side of the mount is much cooler and bright green moss covers much of the exposed granite. Continue along to Manna Gum Track and to The Oval. Head back on to Northern Ridge Track. Not far up is Yellow Box Track. This will take you back to the Cork Oaks past many majestic Yellow Box and huge granite boulders.

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