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Ngootyoong Gunditj Ngootyoong Mara - South West Management Plan


Cape Nelson

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The comment period has now closed for the
Draft Ngootyoong Gunditj Ngootyoong Mara
South West Management Plan

Thank you to all those community organisations, groups, agencies and individuals that provided submissions regarding the draft managment plan. These submissions will be carefully considered and taken into account when the final management plan is being prepared for approval.


The Draft Ngootyoong Gunditj Ngootyoong Mara South West Management Plan has been developed as a partnership between Parks Victoria, Gunditjmara Traditional Owners and the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI). The plan covers 145 parks, reserves and Gunditjmara community owned properties in south west Victoria, including Mount Eccles National Park, which is cooperatively managed by Parks Victoria and Gunditjmara Traditional Owners through the Budj Bim Council, Cobboboonee, Lower Glenelg and Mount Richmond national parks, as well as Discovery Bay Coastal Park and Marine National Park managed by Parks Victoria; Cobboboonee Forest Park managed by DEPI; and three Indigenous Protected Areas (IPAs) and several freehold properties managed by Gunditjmara Traditional Owners, including Lake Condah, Kurtonitj and Tyrendarra IPAs. Cape Nelson, Dergholm and Mount Napier state parks and Cape Nelson Lighthouse Reserve managed by Parks Victoria are also included in the plan.

Ngootyoong Gunditj Ngootyoong Mara means Healthy Country Healthy People 

in the language of the Gunditjmara