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Plenty Gorge Park Master Plan

Parks Victoria is developing a master plan for Plenty Gorge Park to improve visitor experiences and protect the park's significant natural and cultural values. The plan will set a vision for the park and respond to the open space needs of its surrounding and rapidly growing community.

Because it is a long, narrow park with the Plenty River running through the middle, many people only know Plenty Gorge Park through specific areas like Hawkstowe Park, Tanunda Wetlands or Farm Vigano. The master plan will consider ideas for park improvements and look at making access into and around the park easier for visitors.

In 2014-2015, discussions were held with some park visitors, recreation groups, local students and the Friends of Plenty Gorge, to understand what people enjoy about the park or what they see as opportunities for its future. Feedback received has helped inform preparation of a draft concept plan which is now complete.

To view the concept, please see links below:

Plenty Gorge Park Draft Concept Plan (PDF, 3.8MB)
Plenty Gorge Park Master Plan draft vision and draft guiding principles (PDF, 1.3MB)


Phase 1

Background and Analysis - Initial Community Engagement
Understand and identify values, issues, opportunities and constraints relating to the park.


Phase 2

Vision, Principles and Concept Plan - Community Engagement
Seek community input on the draft Vision, Principles and Concept Plan, to help inform preparation of the draft Master Plan.


Phase 3a

Draft Master Plan - Preparation
Parks Victoria and consultants prepare a draft Master Plan based on previous community feedback received.

Mar-Nov 2017

Phase 3b

Draft Master Plan - Community Engagement
Parks Victoria and consultants prepare a draft Master Plan and seek community feedback to help finalise the Master Plan.

Late 2017

Phase 4

Amendment of the master plan in response to community and stakeholder engagement.

Early 2018

Phase 5

Approval and release


Be involved

Throughout July and August 2015, the community was invited to comment on the draft concept plan and the draft park vision and guiding principles.

We would like to thank everybody who participated in discussions or completed the online survey.

All feedback received will be used to inform the draft master plan, which is currently under development. Additional analysis and discussions with key stakeholders is required before the draft master plan will be available for community discussion in 2017.

Keep informed

To be kept informed about the project, please register you interest and email your contact details to:

You can also check for updates on this webpage.