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Toilet at Point Cook Homestead

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Accessibility Information

There are toilets to the immediate left of the entry to Point Cook homestead. They are accessed by a fine, hard-packed gravel path.

Point Cook Homestead path to toilets

The end toilet in the series is a disabled room. It is accessed by a short, wooden ramp with a gradient of 1 in 14.

Point Cook Homestead ramp into toilet

The room has a large swing door that opens inward with light pressure and closes itself and has a rotating lock. The toilet is at the back of the room and has a seat height of 420 millimetres. There is space beside the toilet for a wheelchair and a non-slip rubber mat immediately in front of it. There is a side grab bar and a small vertical grab bar on the back wall beside the cistern. A disposal bin is beside the toilet. The flush buttons are on top of the cistern and are raised so they can be operated with finger dexterity.

Point Cook Homestead toilet

There is a small handbasin on the side wall that has both hot and cold water. The taps have rotating handles with a fluted knob. Finger dexterity is required to operate the taps. The tap one on the left is hot water and the feed pipe below the basin is exposed. Pump action soap disp ensers are supplied and there is a paper towel dispenser next to the basin.

Point Cook Homestead handbasin