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Gibson Steps

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Location: Gibson Steps

Visitor Facility @ Night

1 year ago from milinda

Location: Twelve Apostles - Visitor Facility (incl toilet and kiosk)

The silent Apostle

3 years ago from Paul Pavlinovich

Location: Gibson Steps

the Grotto west of Port Campbell

3 years ago from Unknown LDAP UserParks Victoria

Location: The Grotto

Loch Ard Gorge beach

3 years ago from Unknown LDAP UserParks Victoria

Location: Loch Ard Gorge

The Arch PV

3 years ago from Unknown LDAP UserParks Victoria

Location: The Arch

Twelve Apostles

4 years ago from Unknown LDAP UserParks Victoria

Location: Twelve Apostles

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Further information

A detailed assessment of the accessibility of the The Arch, The Grotto, London Bridge, Gibson Steps and Loch Ard Gorge was completed in 2012. For further accessibility information about these areas and photos, refer to the links below.

The Arch

Accessibility InformationThere is a sealed path leading from the carpark to The Arch viewing areas. This path is approximately 1.8 metres wide and 150 metres long. The first 50 metres…

The Grotto

Accessibility InformationThere is a path that leads from the carpark to the Grotto. The first 80 metres of the path has timber decking with timber edging. Some of the timber…

London Bridge

Accessibility InformationThere are two paths leading from the London Bridge car park. These two paths eventually join to meet the main path. The smaller of the two paths is located…

Gibson Steps

Accessibility InformationThere is a small designated viewing area looking out over the ocean that is located approximately 20 metres from the carpark.This is accessed by a sealed path approximately 1.4…

Loch Ard Gorge

Three easy walks have been developed at Loch Ard Gorge to allow you the chance to discover the areas' natural treasures. Interpretive signs along these walks reveal the fascinating stories…

Twelve Apostles

There are seven rock stacks that comprise the Twelve Apostles - six are on display in the classic view enjoyed by millions of people over the years, with the seventh…

Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre wheelchairs

Two manual wheelchairs are available to borrow for visitors with mobility limitations wishing to access the Twelve Apostles viewing areas. The wheelchairs are heavy, have a carrying capacity of up…

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