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Change of conditions

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Visitor Centre

  • All features and areas within Visitor Centre are accessible.
  • Access routes around the centre are all sealed and there are no stairs or ramps to restricting access.

Picnic Area

  • The public picnic area at Serendip Sanctuary has a fully accessible toilet.
  • The site is level, allowing independent access despite the lack of paths to the tables.
  • There are electric barbecues and accessible picnic tables.
  • There is no designated parking at present, but park staff can reserve space by prior arrangement.
  • A good site overall.

Nature Walks

  • The walks at Serendip Sanctuary are highly accessible.
  • Paths are clearly defined and there are tactile indicators where required.
  • Clear diagrammatic maps readily available upon arrival at the sanctuary, show walk routes.
  • All walkways, corridors, doorways, bird hides, seating and ramps within the sanctuary comply with current access standards.
  • There are no stairs.

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