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Birdwatching and wildlife walks


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Bird watching
Short walk

Start your Serendip experience at the Information Centre with a peak down the giant microscope or step into the Underwater World.

Then begin your journey along the nature trails, viewing wildlife in natural habitats.

There are four interconnecting nature trails throughout the sanctuary, all within walking distance from the Information Centre. Each trail is no longer than 2 kilometres return.

The Wildlife Walk is our most popular, as it provides an opportunity to experience a close encounter with native wildlife.

The walk meanders past Emus and Eastern Grey Kangaroos grazing before providing you with some outstanding opportunities for birdwatching from viewing areas, hides and flight aviaries. You may be treated to Brolgas trumpeting, Whistling Kites soaring high overhead, magnificent Yellow-billed Spoonbills wading through the shallow water, or even a glimpse of the well hidden Tawny Frogmouth as it watches you pass by.

Specially designed bird hides enable you to see some of the 150 species of birds that breed at, or visit, Serendip Sanctuary.

Opening hours

Serendip Sanctuary is open from 8am to 4pm every day except for Christmas Day and Good Friday.

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