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McKillops Bridge


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McKillops Bridge is one of the few places in the park with access to the Snowy River by conventional vehicle making it the best canoe-launching place for experienced adventurers wanting to explore the gorges downstream.

The Snowy River offers thrilling canoeing and white water rafting opportunities with rugged gorges, rapids, flat sections with sand bars and beautiful scenery. The gently sloping sand bars make ideal camp sites for extended trips.

The most popular section is from McKillops Bridge to the Buchan River junction at Balley Hooley. This trip takes three-four days to complete.

Prepare carefully for any river trip. Consult guide books or speak to the Victorian Canoe Association. Better still, include in your group someone with canoeing or rafting experience or someone who knows the river.

Remember to check river levels and weather conditions with the Bureau of Metrology before you leave.

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