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Fossicking for gold
Medium walk / Day walk
Short walk

Bert Boardman Recreation Area

Enjoy a picnic at Bert Boardman Recreation Area which offers plenty of space for families to explore. Access Vehicle access available from Steiglitz Road (sealed). Facilities Gas barbecue Wood barbecue…

Panning for gold

Gold panning is permitted only in the section one kilometre downstream from the Meredith-Steiglitz Road Bridge on Sutherlands Creek. Prospectors with a miner’s right are permitted to use pans, cradles…

Steiglitz Township

Take a walk around the old township of Steiglitz. Signs show where shops and other buildings once stood. Two churches, a former hotel and a few houses remain. The cemetery…

The Crossing Picnic Area

Enjoy a secluded picnic at The Crossing Picnic Area. Access Vehicle access available from Hut Road (unsealed). Facilities Wood barbecue (BYO wood) Table and seat No toilet facilities are available…

Walks from Steiglitz Courthouse

Deadman’s Loop - 5.4km, 1hr 45mins - Moderate to Difficult (yellow markers) Walk one kilometre south-west along Stawell Street to the creek. Follow the creek bed on western side approximately…

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