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Jumping Creek Reserve


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Jumping Creek picnic area

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Location: Jumping Creek Reserve

Yarra River from Jumping Creek Picnic Area

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Location: Jumping Creek Reserve

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Bird watching
Short walk

Jumping Creek has a large recreational area with wood barbecues, picnic tables, toilets and an information shelter. Some wood is provided but it is advisable to bring your own.

For those who enjoy getting out on the river, there is a canoe launch at this reserve.

Jumping Creek is also a pleasant spot for walking - especially for those interested birds and wildflowers.

The Jumping Creek Nature Trail (2km, 30-60 mins return) is an informative walk that provides a good introduction to various flora and fauna in the park.

Accessibility Information

Jumping Creek has two picnic areas. The main area is at the end of the access road to Jumping Creek and is serviced by Sandy Creek carpark and there is a smaller area on the left approximately one kilometre before the main area. In this area, parking is available in Ridge carpark.

The picnic area next to Sandy Bay carpark has a covered picnic pavilion and access to the toilet block on the left side of the car parking area.

Jumping Creek picnic area near Sandy Bay carpark
Picnic area accessed from Sandy Bay carpark

Jumping Creek picnic pavilion
Picnic pavilion

The picnic tables near the toilets and main information sign are accessed via gently sloping paths. The tables do not have roll-under access for wheelchair users. The same applies to the tables under the covered pavilion. The picnic area has low-level, wood-fired barbecues with a working height of approximately 800 mm.

The river is only accessible from steps.

Jumping Creek steps to river

The nature trail that begins at the northern end of the picnic area is a narrow, natural pathway with a rough, pitted surface that is not suitable for wheelchair users or those using a walking frame.

The picnic area next to Ridge carpark, on the left of the main access road before the descent to the main area, has a number of square tables with a roll-under, open side suitable for wheelchair users. Parking, with ample space, is available next to each table.

Jumping Creek picnic table

Low- level, wood-fired barbecues with a working height of approximately 800mm are provided.

Jumping Creek barbecue

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