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Culture and heritage


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Settlement by Europeans was slow but the discovery of gold at Andersons Creek in July 1851 changed that. The first gold licences in Victoria were issued by August that year. At the turn of the century, Anderson's Creek, now known as Warrandyte, employed about 250 miners. For more information about Warrandyte heritage visit the Warrandyte Historical Society.

Warrandyte State Park was declared in 1975 to preserve its natural and cultural values. Some sections, including Stane Brae and Yarra Brae, were later added because of their conservation value. In 1997, Mount Lofty was added.

Gold Memorial Cairn

Battery Site

Jacksons Fifth Hill West Mine

Fullars Quarry

Pound Keepers Cottage

Pound Bend - Evelyn Tunnel

Accessibility Information There is a path to the Pound Bend Tunnel at the end of the second carpark, which is on the left upon entering the park. The path is…

Drinking Fountain

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