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River Red Gum
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Short walk

The riverine is a natural and cultural treasure. Located near the original farmyard, this unique area encompasses the Werribee River, acres of native woodlands and a flourishing orchard.

Parks Victoria is working closely with the Wurundjeri and other local communities to ensure the many cultural heritage sites in this area are protected. A revegetation program of native plants is being undertaken in conjunction with the Wurundjeri to enhance the natural environment and sustain a habitat for a rich variety of bird and animal species residing within.

Keep your eyes peeled as you wander though. You may spot a dulaiwurrong (platypus) at play, a bundabun (longneck tortoise) basking in the sun or an iuk (eel) rippling through the reeds. Perhaps a barruth (marsupial mouse) may dart through one of approximately twelve native grasses.

Look above. Through the eucalyptus and river reds a bird of prey, a swamp harrier or whistler, may silently glide by.