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Accessibility Information


The Terrace Toilet Block consists of separate male and female toilets/showers and a separate semi-accessible unisex toilet. The Terrace Toilet Block is located close to the Visitor Centre and the picnic area adjacent to the general store. The path leading from the picnic area to the toilet consists of a compacted fine gravel surface and is reasonably level.

Terrace Toilet Block
Path to the Terrace toilet block

The entrance to the semi-accessible unisex toilet has an outward swinging door and quite a narrow entrance (approximately 760mm) making access problematic for some wheelchairs. Once inside the cubicle there is good room for maneuverability. The toilet has grab railings on one side and behind the toilet.

Toilet at Terrace Block
Grab railings to the side and behind the Terrace Block toilet

The washbasin has a roll under feature and a lever style tap. There is not an accessible shower in the Terrace Toilet Block.

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