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Tidal River / Norman Beach


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Tidal River

Explore the newly refurbished visitor centre to obtain information about walking tracks and things to do within Wilsons Promontory National Park. The visitor centre is open daily from 8.30am - 4.30pm.

The Tidal River General Store stock milk, bread, ice, gas refills and souvenirs, along with a basic range of supermarket and emergency items. Hot and cold food is available from the takeaway at the store. See the main park page for opening times.

Tidal River is also the main location for camping and accommodation in Wilsons Promontory National Park. All facilities at Tidal River are within walking distance of Norman Beach.

Report sightings of Northern Pacific Seastars

Northern Pacific Seastars have been found in the Tidal River watercourse at Wilsons Promontory National Park, posing a major threat to Victoria’s marine environment. Read the information flyer for more details on how you can help.

Norman Beach

Close to Tidal River campground, the beautiful Norman Beach is flanked by Pillar Point in the north and Norman Point in the south and offers stunning views of Mt Oberon. Surfing is only permitted south of 5th ramp.

The beach can be accessed from 2nd ramp at the Norman beach car park or from 3rd, 4th or 5th ramp along 34th Avenue.

Norman Beach Accessibility Information

The day visitor area at Norman Beach is accessed by following the Main Road through the Tidal River camping and accommodation area. It consists of a large carpark, picnic tables, covered gas barbecues and a toilet/shower block.

Norman Beach barbecues
Barbecues at Norman Beach

There are 12 picnic tables located in open and shaded areas on an undulating lawn surface adjacent to the carpark. All of the tables have an open table end feature for wheelchairs and strollers. Some of these have the roll under end table feature.

Norman beach day visitor picnic area
Picnic area at Norman Beach

Beach and River Access

Best access to the river and to Norman Beach for all terrain beach wheelchairs and strollers is from 1st Boat Ramp located on the bank of Tidal River at low tide. This is located near the camping area just up from the day visitor area carpark. The beach is approximately 500m from the boat ramp and chair/stroller operators need to be reasonably fit. The boat ramp consists of a concrete surface and has a slope of approximately 1:10 which is reasonably steep. When the water line has receded, there is usually a surface of compacted damp sand at the bottom of the boat ramp. The riverbed at low tide is reasonably level and consists of a damp compacted sand surface and some very shallow water flows in sections. A damp compacted sand surface can be followed all the way to the beach.

Norman Beach and Tidal River access
Access to Norman Beach and Tidal River

It is recommended that access by all terrain beach wheelchairs and strollers is at low tide only. Access along the riverbed and bank is subject to varying water flows in the river. Inspection of the access route to the beach is strongly recommended prior to taking all terrain beach wheelchairs and strollers over it.

Tidal River access
Tidal River access

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