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The park contains the most southerly Victorian extent of valuable remnants of grassy woodland open forest. The basalt plains flora consists mainly of grasslands, herbs and tussocks with mainly River Red Gum cover. In contrast, the higher areas have an unusual mixture of gums as well as Drooping She-oak. The remnant Grey Box, River Red Gum and Yellow Box woodland character has, for the most part, been retained.


A 400 ha section of the park, the 'Back Paddock', was fenced in 1987 as a nature reserve to protect native wildlife from dogs, cats and foxes. The endangered Eastern Barred Bandicoot was re-established here in 1988 and this colony is playing a major role in securing the species' future. Sightings of Eastern Grey Kangaroos are a certainty; you may also see echidnas, skinks and Eastern Blue-tongue lizards basking in the sun.