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Short walk

Swamp Gum Car Park & Picnic Area

Accessibility information The Swamp Gum Picnic Area has barbecues, a picnic shelter and picnic tables. There is a playground nearby. Under the picnic pavilion there are three wooden tables with…

Canoe Launch Picnic Area

Enjoy canoeing along the Yarra River. From the carpark, it is a 60 metre walk to the canoe launching area on the river. Accessibility information The canoe launching area provides…

Red Stringybark Picnic Area

Enjoy a picnic at the Red Stringbark Picnic Area. There's a big picnic shelter here with tables underneath. There are woodfired barbecues nearby with wood provided. Accessibility information There are…

Ridge Picnic Area

Accessibility Information The main toilet block for this end of the park is located at the Ridge Picnic Area, near the Melaleuca Carpark. The toilet block contains one unisex cubicle…

Yellow Box Picnic Area

Accessibility information The Yellow Box Carpark gives direct access to the River Trail. There are no toilets or picnic facilities. The carpark has 2 designated disabled parking bays, each 3.3…

Porter Street Picnic Area

Accessibility information The Porter Street end of the park has two parking areas, Blackwood and Porter Street, both with designated disabled parking bays. The picnic pavilion provides tables and barbecue…

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