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Birrarung Park - Main picnic area


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Accessibility information


At the far end of the access road is the main picnic area and toilet facilities.

There are two designated disabled parking bays each are 4.5 metres wide allowing ample access room for wheelchair or walker users. The parking bays are either side of the main access way to the picnic pavilion and the toilet block.



There is a smaller parking area with one designated disabled parking space 200 meters back towards the entrance. This bay is also 4.5 meters wide with a direct access path to the main loop walk. The access path is sealed, 1.5 meters in width and has a slope of approximately 1 in 14 for 30 meters until it joins the main loop walk.




The toilets are 50 meters to the right of the designated disabled parking spaces in the main parking area. They are accessed via a level sealed path from the carpark.

The block contains one unisex cubicle. The door is a sliding type door with a large vertical handle. The door is equipped with an internal rotating lock with a wing type handle. The door has a light action and can be easily opened without finger dexterity. The clear space is 850 millimeters.

path to toilets

toilet door

Inside the room is large with ample turning room and wheelchair space beside the toilet. The toilet seat height is 450 millimeters and it is equipped with front and rear grab bars. The handbasin has clear space below it. The tap is a
rotating type and is equipped with a lever. Finger dexterity is not required.


There is a drinking fountain outside the toilets.

drinking fountain 

Picnic facilities

This is a large covered picnic pavilion 100 meters from the carpark via a level sealed path. The floor of the pavilion is level and paved. The tables all have an overhang of 9 inches. Wood fired barbecues with a working height of 800 millimeters are provided on the
grassed areas next to the pavilion.

Picnic pavilion

Tables under picnic pavilion

Information board

There is an information board next to the disabled parking bays. It is on a level paved surface. The information boards are large and low.

information board

information board

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