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Managing our parks

Through effective environmental and visitor management, Parks Victoria is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the natural and heritage values of the parks, bays, and waterways.

Use this section to learn more about how Parks Victoria manages parks.

Role of a park ranger

The role of a park ranger is as varied as the parks and environments they manage. To get an idea of the many responsibilities of...

Types of Parks

Parks Victoria looks after over 4 million hectares of public land. Some of these areas are reserved to protect plants and animals whereas others are...

Park planning

What is a management plan? Management plans outline the vision, goals, measures and long-term strategies used in managing national and state parks. These are written...


Fire, both as a natural event and as used by Aboriginal people, has been a part of the Australian environment for thousands of years. It...

Baby Swan Season at Albert Park. Click to view the news RSS feed.

It’s Baby Swan Season at Albert Park

29 Sep 2016

Parks Victoria is reminding park visitors to take extra precautions in Albert Park Reserve during Spring to help protect the newest park inhabitants as newly hatched cygnets emerge in the park. “Swans and their cygnets are particularly vulnerable at this time of year so we’re asking park visitors to help…

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