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Children in nature 

The best way to learn about nature is by visiting one of Victoria’s amazing parks. Use the following information for planning your next excursion.

Choosing a park

Victoria has an amazing diversity of parks to explore. While each park provides a unique learning experience, some parks are better suited for school groups and to particular activities.

Use the Explore section to find out what facilities, trails and experiences can be found in each park.

Notifying the park

As part of the Department of Education and Training’s School Policy for Excursions and Activities all schools must notify the park prior to any visit. The park office will be able to discuss suitable areas in the park for your intended activity as well as provide information about safe group sizes in the park. 

Group Activity Statement

A group activity statement (formerly called a Trip Intention) is to be completed by organised groups of two or more who are dependent upon a leader and who are wishing to undertake activities on Parks Victoria managed land. 

Please submit a group activity statement to at least one month prior to your visit.

Group Activity Statement form (Microsoft Word)
Group Activity Statement form (PDF - editable)

This form does not apply to groups of over 100 participants or organised sporting events. In these instances, an Event Permits may be required.

Permit requirements 

In some cases a permit may be required to undertake a school excursion in a park or reserve. For example, all trade or business and organised sport or recreational activities require a permit. Private groups of over 30 people visiting National Parks or over 100 people visiting Crown Land also require a permit. Please visit the Event Permits page to submit an event application. 

Activities involving data collection for scientific research require a research permit, please visit Research Permits for more information on how to apply.


Keep informed about park conditions

As the organiser of a school excursion it is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with the current conditions in the park and be aware of any closures or hazards that may be in the park. Please refer to the following immediately prior to your visit.

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