Managing koalas

Managing koalas

In parks where koala densities are unsustainable, the koalas' source of food, largely Manna Gums, can be over-grazed. This defoliation causes the trees to die, leading mass starvation of the koala population.


Parks Victoria uses three strategies to manage unsustainable koala populations:

  • Fertility control – use of contraceptive implants
  • Koala relocation
  • Habitat manipulation - protection of individual trees

Once populations are at sustainable levels ongoing management is needed to ensure that population sizes are maintained.

Koala management programs are in place at:

  • Mount Eccles National Park
  • Snake Island
  • Raymond Island
  • French Island National Park.


Where management programs have been in place over a number of years, monitoring of population levels has shown they are reduced to sustainable levels.
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