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Research Partners Summaries

Key to marine fauna and flora in Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary  (PDF 214.6 KB)

Analysis of Sea Search monitoring data  (PDF 202.7 KB)

Conceptual model development for key habitats in Victoria’s marine protected areas  (PDF 294.3 KB)

Conservation status of reef fish communities in Victorian waters  (PDF 209.1 KB)

Control of invasive Spartina anglica in saltmarshes; impacts of herbicide spraying on the community of benthic fauna  (PDF 186.3 KB)

Developing a rapid assessment technique to investigate ecological condition of soft-sediment habitats  (PDF 217.9 KB)

Diet and foraging ecology of little penguins on Rabbit Island, Wilsons Promontory  (PDF 212.1 KB)

Genetics and larval recruitment of the Surf Barnacle in marine protected areas  (PDF 220.3 KB)

Impacts on intertidal platforms  (PDF 398.5 KB)

Investigation of the relationships between foraging, diet and reproductive success in little penguins at St Kilda breakwater  (PDF 197.2 KB)

Marine Monitoring Data Analysis  (PDF 157.4 KB)

Physiological and behavioural responses of Australian fur seals to boat disturbance  (PDF 171.3 KB)

Population connectivity in marine protected areas  (PDF 214.5 KB)

Quality Assurance-Quality Control for Sea Search Rocky Intertidal and Seagrass Monitoring  (PDF 175.7 KB)

Review of the power of the Intertidal Reef Monitoring Program  (PDF 207.0 KB)

Risk assessment for marine national parks and sanctuaries  (PDF 180.8 KB)

Soft sediment data assessment and future monitoring design  (PDF 158.8 KB)

Spatial ecology of demersal fish assemblages in Victorian marine national parks  (PDF 164.3 KB)

Under the Lens: Natural History of Victoria’s marine national parks and sanctuaries  (PDF 165.1 KB)