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Research permits

Parks Victoria supports universities, other research institutions and individuals who wish to carry out research in parks.

To ensure research on land managed by Parks Victoria is consistent with park management objectives and legislative requirements, most research requires a permit or permits under various Acts administered by the Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI).  

Research projects will be supported where they:

  • help to conserve and protect the natural and cultural features and natural processes of parks
  • add to scientific knowledge
  • directly benefit park planning and management
  • cannot be undertaken outside a park.

Researchers are encouraged to focus on research tasks that have been identified as important for the proper management of a particular park including those research priorities listed in park management plans.

Application forms for research permits can be downloaded from DEPI website.

A list of research activities and the permits required for that research is given in the tables below.

Research Permits required under different acts

Act Activity Permit required
National Parks Act 1975

Any survey or research work on land managed under the National Parks Act 1975 including:

  • flora or fauna surveys
  • collection of biological or geological samples
  • observation of wildlife as part of a research project
  • capture or release of wildlife
  • bird or bat banding
  • habitat assessment
  • experimental control of pest animals
  • collection of flora samples or propagation material
  • establishment of temporary or permanent survey sites
  • erection of structures, excavation of soil or rock
  • any other scientific research involving data collection.

National Parks Act permit 

  • approval from Parks Victoria
  • other permits if relevant.
Wildlife Act 1975

Any capture, collection or interference with wildlife, as defined by the Wildlife Act 1975 including:

  • fauna surveys
  • live-capture and release
  • bird or bat banding (ABBBS), marking
  • radio tracking
  •  taking of tissue samples
  • retaining wildlife for education
  • collection of dead specimens (bones, skin, feathers, teeth, etc.)
  • any other handling of wildlife.

Wildlife Act research permit 

  • approval of the land manager
  • other approvals where relevant.
Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

Any taking of protected flora, direct (picking) or indirect (trampling) including collection of herbarium specimens; collection of vegetation samples; collection of seed or propagation material and research in protected communities.

Capture, handling, release, marking or display of any FFG listed fish


Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act permit plus:

  • approval from DEPI regional staff
  • approval of the land manager.
Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988

Collection of any Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act  listed invertebrates

Wildlife Act research permit plus approval of the land manager.
Reference Areas Act 1978

Any research activity in Reference Areas.

Note: Reference Areas are areas of high conservation value and have restricted access. Research approval is only given for projects that will have minimal impact on biodiversity values. Allow extra time for the application to be approved by the Reference Areas Committee.

Reference Areas Act permit plus other permits if relevant.


Additional authorities

Act Activity Permit or approval required Contact details
Fisheries Act 1998 Capture of fish, placing nets or structures in waterways Fisheries permit or license

Fisheries Victoria

Phone: 9412 5775

Wildlife Act 1975 Bird or bat banding Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme authority

Australian Bird and Bat Banding Scheme

Environment Australia
GPO Box 8

Phone: 02 6274 2407

Wildlife Act 1975 Invasive procedures with wildlife Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee approval The research institution managing the research, e.g. a university
Archaeological and Aboriginal Relics Preservation Act 1972 Archaeological surveys and research, aboriginal sites and pre European contact projects

Notify Aboriginal Affairs Victoria.

Liaise with Aboriginal Community representatives.

Aboriginal Affairs Victoria

Phone 136 186

Heritage Act 1995 Archaeological surveys and research, historical, post European contact projects

Permit to conduct an archaeological survey.

Consent to disturb a known archaeological site.

Heritage Victoria

Level 22 Nauru House
80 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

Phone: 9655 6519

Park Victoria Act 1998 Heritage research and archaeological surveys, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, on land managed by Parks Victoria Approval from Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

Phone: 13 19 63

Park Victoria Act 1998 Sociological research, visitor surveys, market research, visitor services in parks Approval from Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria

Phone: 13 19 63

Forests Act 1958 Any research in State Forests Approval from the Forests Management Branch of DEPI

Forest Manager at the local DEPI Office

Forests Management Branch 

Phone: 136 186

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