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Flood affected parks

Parks affected by flooding

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Page last updated: 21 Nov 2016 5.17 pm  

Current situation

Recent flooding and sustained wet weather in Victoria means some parks, tracks and campgrounds across the state are closed. This includes some seasonal road closures which have now been extended. 

Be mindful of your safety if you are enjoying Victoria’s parks and camping near rivers or lakes. Stay out of any closed sections, including closed tracks, roads or campgrounds.

Be careful around trees – the ground is soaked and soft so they are more likely to fall. Do not park or shelter under trees, particularly in windy conditions.

Closures and access are changing constantly so check the change of conditions listed under each individual park's web page for the latest advice.

Visitor areas will be reopened as floodwaters subside and the sites and assets are assessed for safety.

Parks affected

Barmah National Park

Creswick Regional Park

Cobram Regional Park

Echuca Regional Park 

Grampians National Park

Gunbower National Park

Hattah-Kulkyne National Park

Hepburn Regional Park

Little Desert National Park

Lower Glenelg National Park

Lower Goulburn National Park

Lower Ovens Wildlife Reserve

Murray-Kulyne National Park

Nyah-Vinifera Park

River Murray Reserves

Shepparton Regional Park

Tocumwal Regional Park

Warby-Ovens National Park

Yarrawonga Regional Park


  • Be prepared, stay informed, monitor local  conditions, and travel using recommended routes.
  • Never walk, ride or drive through flood water.
  • Take extra care on the road – drive to conditions  and be aware of road hazards such as mud, debris, damaged roads and bridges.  Follow all road closure and warnings signs.
  • Take care around rivers, creeks and lakes. Water levels and currents may increase quickly and without warning.
  • Don’t play, swim or go recreational boating in  flooded creeks and rivers.
  • Be careful around trees – the ground is soaked and  soft so they are more likely to fall. Do not park or shelter under trees,  particularly in today’s windy conditions.
  • Stay out of any closed sections of parks, including closed tracks, roads and campgrounds.

Further information

For statewide warnings and emergency advice visit

Check VicRoads website for up to date information on road closure and  conditions.



When an area has been affected by floods or storms the reasons for closure may include:

  • hazardous trees, limbs and fallen timber
  • damaged tracks, bridges, signs, recreation sites and other facilities
  • unstable soils and/or stream crossings
  • presence of hazardous materials or substances.

Once recreation sites and tracks have been accessed, risks removed and necessary facilities rebuilt, they are reopened to the public.

The Change of Conditions section on individual park pages is regularly updated to reflect the most current conditions. Please check individual park pages for closure information.


Page last updated: 21 Nov 2016 5.17 pm