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Deer control to continue in the Alpine National Park

Monday 4 December, 2017

Parks Victoria in partnership with the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and the Australian Deer Association (ADA), is implementing a trial deer control program to limit the damage deer are causing throughout the Alpine National Park, and in particularly, the alpine peatlands.

Alpine peatlands are boggy wetlands which occur at the headwaters of waterways in the Alps. They play an important role in maintaining the healthy functioning of water catchments and provide critical habitat for a number of threatened native plants and animals.

The deer control trial has recommenced in the Howitt-Wellington Plains area, and will begin again in early-December in the Bogong High Plains area.

The aim of the trial is to investigate the effectiveness of ground shooting as a method for controlling deer numbers to reduce their impact on the sensitive alpine peatlands.

Throughout the deer control trial in the Alpine National Park, we are working with both volunteers and contractors. They assist in providing valuable knowledge and expertise in delivering the program.

The park will not be closed when deer control work is being undertaken, but some localised access restrictions will be applied.

Since the trial commenced in May 2015, a total of 225 deer have been culled from the Alpine National Park.

Latest park information.

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Area Chief Ranger Dave Jenson:  

“Visitor safety is paramount- we will place signs at major access points advising visitors when deer control operations are being undertaken and the tracks that are closed.”

“The volunteers and contractors have significant experience and expertise in deer control.  They will be readily identifiable and will act in accordance with all legal requirements to ensure the safe use of firearms.”

Quotes attributable to Sporting Shooters Association Australia (Victoria) Rhys Coote

"SSAA Victoria are excited to move into the final stages of the trial. The program has evolved significantly over the past 2 years and we have found that new advances in technology have improved our success.”

“We have since purchased some specialised thermal imaging equipment and are keen to work with Parks Victoria to test new methodologies and tactics for the upcoming season”

Quotes attributable to Australian Deer Association (Victoria) Committee Chair Steve Garlick

“The Australian Deer Association again looks forward to recommencing our partnership with Parks Victoria and SSAA on the Bogong High Plains deer control program.”

“ADA volunteer hunters have proven so far on this trial that they are professional, skilled, dedicated and more than equal to the task of wildlife management in complex circumstances and environments.”

“We believe our focus on ensuring the program is being executed safely, responsibly and ethically has helped the wider community accept the need for these programs and value the contribution of volunteer hunters just as they value the contribution of volunteers in other conservation programs.” “Trial deer control programs such as this are critical in producing solid evidence based and rigorously tested methods to mitigate the impacts of overabundant deer in sensitive environments.  We look forward to analysing the results when the trial concludes in 2018.”

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