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Dredging at Mordialloc Creek entrance to provide safer boating access

Friday 31 August, 2018

Parks Victoria will commence maintenance dredging in and around Mordialloc Creek entrance in the next week following natural sand build-up which has created a hazard for recreational and commercial boat operators.

The freshly dredged sand contains organic material, mostly seaweed, which gives it a dark colour and sometimes a mild odour.  Visitors to the beach should not be concerned as the sand is tested on a regular basis. Access to some areas of the beach may be restricted while the works are in progress.

Vessel operators are advised to exercise caution during the dredging process and are also reminded to observe the 5-knot speed limit in the vicinity of the dredge.

The dredge will be restricted in its ability to manoeuvre during the dredging operations and all vessel operators are reminded to observe the marks on the dredge and pass safely on the side showing two black diamonds.

Maintenance dredging at Mordialloc Creek was last carried out in June 2018 and will run for 3-5 days, depending upon weather.

For more information about the dredging at Mordialloc Creek, call Parks Victoria on 13 1963 or visit

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Local Ports and Waterways Senior Manager, Victor Teoh:

“The works form part of Parks Victoria’s ongoing maintenance dredging program to ensure the continuation of safe boating access within Port Phillip and Western Port.”

“The dredged material is predominantly sand and will be placed on shore south of Mordialloc Creek, as a replication of the natural coastal processes and improvement to recreational amenity.”

“While the dredged sand may look and smell mildly unpleasant when it first comes out of the water, after a few days exposure to the air and sun, the sand will bleach to the normal colour and lose the odour.”

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