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Firewood collection area to close: Robinvale - Piambie

Monday 13 May, 2019

The domestic firewood collection area at Piambie-Dead River, near Robinvale will close at midnight on 15 May 2019 with all allocated firewood having been collected.

Two firewood collection areas near Robinvale remain open – at Pile Bend Shoe tree and at Belsar Island-Centre track. The remaining firewood may be green and should be stored for 12 months before burning.

Access to firewood collection areas near Robinvale is available to residents of Mildura Rural City and Swan Hill Rural City.

Domestic firewood on public land is a limited resource that needs to be managed without impacting forest health. There will be some fallen timber on the ground which needs to be preserved as fauna habitat.

When purchasing firewood, ask to see the supplier’s commercial licence. It is an offence to sell domestic firewood collected during the firewood season.

Future firewood collection from Robinvale will be subject to access and supply.

For information about firewood collection, including collection areas and regulations, visit

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria District Manager, Ian Curwood

“The firewood collection area at Piambie-dead River, near Robinvale will close before the end of the autumn season as all firewood has been collected.”

“Our staff will patrol the collection area once it is closed. We encourage people to do the right thing and use alternative sources of firewood. On the spot fines and heavy penalties apply to people collecting from closed areas. Penalties including imprisonment can apply for serious offences.”

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