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Future plan for Albert Park Released

Thursday 30 May, 2019

Parks Victoria reveals final Master Plan for popular urban park

30 May 2019: The plan for the future of Albert Park has today been released by Parks Victoria.

The final Albert Park Master Plan will guide improvements to the park over the next 25 years, ensuring it meets the diverse and changing needs of visitors, while enhancing the health and wellbeing of visitors to the park.

The original 1993 master plan for Albert Park has been largely implemented and there is a need for the new master plan to set a vision for the next 25 years, given the rapid rate of population growth and changing needs of the park.

The master plan sets out a flexible and adaptable framework for the future, under three themes and five strategic directions. Project initiatives are outlined under the following strategic directions:

  • Nature and environment:
    • A healthy park that will showcase a sustainable use of resources in a time of climate change
    • Celebrate the importance of the lake as the heart of the park
  • Community connections:
    • A welcoming park for everyone
    • A healthy environment where people can connect with one another whilst being immersed in nature and culture

  • Healthy and active:
    • An adaptable and diverse urban park that is enjoyed and valued for relaxation, recreational pursuits, physical activity, health & wellbeing activities and organized sports

Key initiatives in the plan include:

  • construction of a new 6-8-metre-wide, 5km long Lake Promenade with lighting to facilitate easier access for pedestrians, runners and cyclists during periods of heavy usage
  • the provision of more diverse visitor services and programs
  • increased shade, shelter and habitat through additional tree planting
  • improved accessibility for all
  • featuring the lake as the heart of the park
  • creating a more resilient park environment showcasing sustainable management

The retention of the 18-hole golf course was supported by the community and is confirmed in the final Master Plan, along with the driving range remaining in its current location.

Implementation of the plan will be carried over the coming years. View the final plan.

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