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Help rid Squeaky Beach of the pesky Sea Spurge!

Friday 27 October, 2017

What's wrong with this beach picture?

A seemingly pristine Squeaky Beach at our beloved Wilsons Promontory National Park is infested by the invasive weed, Sea Spurge

Sea Spurge is a coastal weed native to parts of Europe, Africa and Asia.  It is now present on many of our beaches ranging from WA to NSW.

Sea Spurge takes over the sandy dune areas where it outcompetes the native vegetation and changes the beach dune shape.  In the process of taking over, it can expel the resident native animals. For example, the threatened Hooded Plover birds can no longer nest in heavily infested areas where the sea spurge grows too thick.

Parks Victoria and Friends of the Prom are conducting a working bee on Saturday 11 November to remove Sea Spurge from one of the Prom's most popular beaches - Squeaky Beach.

It is the initial step to achieve our vision of a Sea Spurge-free Squeaky Beach within a few years.

The initial hand-weeding effort is a slow process, so the more volunteers we have, the more effective we will be at combating this scourge.

If you are interested in attending the working bee, please contact Secretary, Friends of the Prom:


Phone: 0417 341 504

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