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Massive Mallee revegetation continues

Thursday 7 June, 2018

The largest national park revegetation in the state is continuing, with 300,000 more seedlings planted at Murray-Sunset National Park in the past three weeks.

Parks Victoria and CO2 Australia have planted almost two million seedlings over the past two years. It’s all part of the Australian Government’s 20 Million Trees Programme and the Mallee Biofund Project, which have revegetated over 1,200 hectares of land – more than the size of 600 MCGs - in the Murray-Sunset National Park and Hattah-Kulkyne National Park. CO2 Australia is a service provider in the programs.

Murray-Sunset National Park is Victoria’s largest national park and is home to native Buloke woodlands. However, pests, grazing and land-clearing have severely depleted the woodlands, impacting more than 150 species of plants and animals.

Parks Victoria has been working for over two decades to manage grazing and restore the Mallee landscape. The partnership with CO2 Australia has seen a dramatic increase in the scale of revegetation at Murray-Sunset National Park and at its foundation is the pest management work of Parks Victoria for those 20 years.

The partnership is helping reverse damage to the Mallee by revegetating the area with the Buloke tree and other woodland species, such as the Slender Cypress-pine, Belah, Sugarwood and Cattlebush.

Brendan Rodgers, Total Grazing Management Coordinator, Parks Victoria:

“The continuing partnership between Parks Victoria and CO2 Australia is key to restoring the threatened semi-arid woodland habitat that is so important to many species, including the endangered Major Mitchell’s Cockatoo.”

“Pairing large scale revegetation with the work Parks Victoria has been doing for decades to restore this landscape is a great step forward.”

Vanessa Oxley, 20 Million Trees Project Officer, CO2 Australia:

“The latest round of plantings has focused on the Pink Lakes and Taparoo areas. Two teams of professional planters from CO2 Australia have been working for the past fortnight to plant out some previously unplanted areas, replant areas that have suffered due to dry weather and animal browsing, and do some general maintenance.”

“This large-scale revegetation project funded under the 20 Million Trees Programme will provide positive environmental results building on the excellent outcomes Parks Victoria has already achieved over 20 years restoring the Mallee landscape.”

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