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Mount Macedon forests being cared for

Friday 22 June, 2018

A second stage of works to restore the area around Sanatorium Lake in Macedon Regional Park will start in July.

Poplar trees are an invasive, non-native species that were converting the area near Sanatorium Lake into a monoculture of Aspen Poplar, outcompeting native vegetation and reducing habitat for native fauna and flora.

The first step in the rehabilitating the native plants and habitat of the park was removing 0.8ha of Aspen Poplar trees from the Sanatorium Lake visitor area between February and April 2018.

Residents and park users were notified of the works in the area via signage and updates on the Parks Victoria website. While works were being conducted, areas of the park were closed to the public.

Clean up works on the site will resume in the coming weeks, subject to dry weather conditions. This will be followed by mulching and weed spraying to prevent the trees from further encroaching on the park.

Quotes, attributed to Tony English, District Manager, Parks Victoria:

Parks Victoria has a responsibility to ensure that weeds and pests do not encroach on the environmental and natural values of our parks. Over the last three years Parks Victoria has invested significantly to reduce the presence of a range of woody weeds in Macedon Regional Park.

Parks Victoria appreciates the importance of Macedon Regional Park to the community.

When completed, the visitor area and surrounds will look like other healthy native tall mountain forest within the Macedon Ranges.    

A broader upgrade of signage and walking tracks will be undertaken in the park to improve the visitor experience. Parks Victoria will also ensure the treated area transitions back to healthily regenerated forest.

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