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Old Portarlington Pier to be Decommissioned for Public Safety

Friday 1 June, 2018

To ensure public safety for visitors, commercial operators and vessels, the old Portarlington Pier will be decommissioned.

Recent inspections by specialist engineers have found the old pier is no longer safe for pedestrians as elements of the aging concrete and timber structure are breaking away from the steel reinforcements and are at risk of falling into the water.

The old pier, which has been closed since March 2018, is one of two adjacent piers in the harbour, providing access for pedestrians, boat owners, ferry passengers and commercial operators.

The new pier, which opened in July 2015, at Portarlington will continue to provide access for the public, commercial fishing, recreational vessels, passenger ferry services and other aquaculture related activity.

The harbour is an important commercial and recreational destination, and in February saw the completion of the $15 million Portarlington Safe Harbour investment designed to support the Bellarine Peninsula's growing aquaculture industry and help boost tourism and the local economy.

For more information on Portarlington Pier call 13 1963 or visit

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Regional Director Melbourne Marine & Maritime Jo Richards:

“The adjacent new pier will continue to provide safe access to the harbor for visitors, anglers and commercial operators.”

“Portarlington Harbour is a very popular boating and fishing destination. The safety of our staff and visitors is our number one priority.”

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