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Park Visitors take care this long weekend

Tuesday 5 June, 2018

With the long weekend fast approaching, Parks Victoria is encouraging day visitors, hikers and campers to take care when exploring the great outdoors.

Parks Victoria manages more than 4 million hectares across the state; a varied landscape of mountains, desert, forests and coastline. This includes more than 70 national and state parks, with hundreds of trails, tracks, paths and roads.

Within the Mansfield area, popular camping, four-wheel driving and bush walking destinations include the Alpine National Park, Howqua Hills Historic Area along with Mt Samaria State Park

Parks Victoria recommends some basic preparations to stay safe and have fun this long weekend.

  • Check conditions: Visit or call 13 1963 for current park conditions.
  • Road and Track conditions: Many of the Seasonal Road Closures take effect from the Thursday AFTER Queen’s Birthday weekend.  This is to protect the environment and to protect the tracks over the wetter months.  Call 13 1963 for track closures.
  • Stay in touch: Let friends or family know your plans. Avoid walking alone. Remember, phone reception may be limited.
  • Prepare for adverse weather: What’s the forecast? Are you weather-ready? Check or download the BoM app for forecasts in your area.
  • Do not leave your fire unattended: Your camp fire must be within line of sight and be within 50 metres of a going camp fire at all times.  If not, put it out with water until it’s cold to touch.
  • Build your fire correctly: Fires are to be 30cm deep, a maximum of 1 metre x 1 metre wide and high and cleared area of 3 metres surrounding the fire.
  • Rubbish is not fire fuel: Do not put rubbish, including cans or bottles, in campfires.
  • Pack the right gear: Protective clothing, appropriate footwear, plenty of water, extra food, wilderness first aid kit, map, compass and GPS.
  • Emergencies: In an emergency, call Triple Zero (000). Be aware you may travel out of phone range.
  • Caring for the environment:
  • Keep wildlife wild: don’t feed native animals.
  • Carry in, carry out: take all rubbish with you when you leave.
  • Respect heritage: both Indigenous and European.
  • Stay on track: don’t widen tracks or take shortcuts.  Penalties apply when driving off road.
  • Motorbikes: to be registered and riders licenced. Motorbikes to remain on formed roads only.  They are not permitted on walking tracks.
  • No Dogs: Dogs are not permitted in Mt Samaria State Park or the Alpine National Park.  Penalties Apply.
  • Got to ‘go’? Use a toilet, or take a walk at least 100 paces from water and campsites. Dig a 15cm hole and cover well.

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