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Parks Victoria and VicRoads - protecting the Southern Brown Bandicoot

Friday 3 November, 2017

Earlier this year, Parks Victoria on behalf of VicRoads, commenced a pest control program in selected reserves across South Gippsland to protect the endangered Southern Brown Bandicoot (SBB) Isoodon obesulus obesulus.

The 10-year program will involve intensive baiting to protect and improve habitat conditions to support SBB populations at Wonthaggi Heathlands Nature Conservation Reserve, Kilcunda - Harmers Haven Coastal Reserve and Adams Creek Nature Conservation Reserve.

The first baiting period will commence from 13th November until 11th December 2017, and it is vital that visitors ensure their dogs are wearing a muzzle and on a leash during this time.

Monitoring in June 2017 showed the SBB populations are small, so it is vital we put steps in motion now for predator control to improve conditions and help the existing population to recover and grow.

The Southern Brown Bandicoot Protection Program was created as a requirement by the former Linking Melbourne Authority (LMA) as part of the Peninsula Link freeway development, which was later transitioned across to VicRoads in 2015.

For more information call 13 1963, or email the Southern Brown Bandicoot Protection Program team on

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Area Chief Ranger South Gippsland & Bass Gerard Delaney:

“Foxes and feral cats are a major threat to the Southern Brown Bandicoot, which is why we are undertaking a series of baiting periods across the next 10 years to assist in growing the bandicoot population within these particular reserves.”

“We need the community to support us in these initiatives to ensure the long-term success of this project ultimately resulting in increased populations of the Southern Brown Bandicoot”.

Quotes attributable to VicRoads Manager Environment Practice Scott Watson:

“We have several initiatives underway in south-east Victoria to help secure a brighter future for this endangered species, including new fauna underpasses and permanent protection of habitat.”

“We're pleased to partner with Parks Victoria to carefully control the predators threatening the Southern Brown Bandicoot.”

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