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Revised parking fees at Albert Park Reserve

Friday 27 October, 2017

Parking fees at Albert Park Reserve will increase from 1 January 2018, due to the increased cost of delivering parking services. Changes in fees will be implemented to maintain quality facilities, ensure a healthy environment and encourage greater use of public transport.

To foster continued active participation in sport, the new parking fees have been set to offer the lowest possible fees during peak visitor times, such as week nights and weekends including free parking before 8am which is a popular time for walkers and joggers.

The net revenue generated from parking fees will continue to be invested into Albert Park Reserve services, facilities and contribute to the annual sports and recreation club grants program.

The new fees are aligned with parking fees in nearby areas such as St Kilda and Elwood foreshores.

Parks Victoria is committed to working with affected stakeholders including the local community, park visitors, sports clubs and commercial tenants to reduce the impact on park users and will continue to offer discounted rates.

The revised parking fees from 1 January 2018 are:

  • Weekday hourly rate:                                     $5.20 per hour
  • Weekdays after 5pm:                                     $5.20 flat rate
  • Weekday maximum all day rate:                    $12.50 per day
  • Weekends:                                                     $5.20 flat day rate

Quotes attributable to Parks Victoria Chief Operating Officer, Simon Talbot:

“Parks Victoria is committed to ensuring Albert Park Reserve continues to be a world-class sporting and recreation destination and contributes to Melbourne’s reputation as the world’s most liveable city.”

“Albert Park Reserve is home to 32 sport and recreation clubs with a total membership in excess of 6,000 people and is visited by more than six million people every year.”

“It’s important to minimise traffic in and around Albert Park as much as possible. The park is easily accessible via bike and pedestrian paths, as well as Victoria’s public transport network and we urge visitors to utilise these services where possible.”

“Parks Victoria will continue to work with the community to encourage active participation in sport and enjoy our natural social and recreational hub close to the CBD.”

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