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Statement of Expectations for Parks Victoria

Parks Victoria is accountable to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change and is responsible for the delivery of a variety of important government policy outcomes as they relate to conservation and land management opportunities.

The Statement of Expectations emphasises the need for:

  • Parks Victoria to work collaboratively with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to enhance environmental outcomes and operational efficiency;
  • The Parks Victoria Board to demonstrate leadership of Parks Victoria and its organisational culture, and;
  • A high degree of transparency and accountability in the exercise of Parks Victoria functions.

The core focus of the Statement of Expectation is continuing to improve Parks Victoria’s performance through enhanced Traditional Owner engagement as well as stakeholder and community consultation. The centrality of communities in the delivery of government priorities is a prerequisite for genuine collaboration, innovation and new opportunities. There is also great emphasis on the importance of accurate, timely and reliable advice to the Victorian Government.

The Statement of Expectations also acknowledges the significance of the Strengthening Parks Victoria project, which focuses on building a strong, world-class land management agency with robust governance arrangements. It is the duty of Parks Victoria to continue to work diligently in identifying and promoting conservation and economic opportunities that will foster partnerships and grow Victoria’s regional economy.

The Statement of Expectations is a document that will guide Parks Victoria’s planning and reporting processes moving forward. It also recognises Parks Victoria’s desire for greater strategic, operational and financial autonomy as it develops new opportunities into the future.

A Statement of Expectations – Licenced Tour Operators - has also been issued to Parks Victoria, which outlines key governance and performance objectives concerning the administration of licensed tour operators on Crown land.


Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change -  Statement of Expectations for Parks Victoria (PDF 1.06MB)

Response to Statement of Expectations for Parks Victoria from Jeff Floyd, Chair Parks Victoria (PDF 200KB)

Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change - Statement of Expectations for Parks Victoria - Licensed Tour Operators (Tranche Two) (PDF 218KB)