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Sandringham Mooring Area

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Mooring location: Sandringham

Set aside name: Sandringham

Melways reference: Map 76 E7

A thin band on the northern side of the Sandringham (Hampton) Pier. This mooring ground runs from a line approximately through Bridge Street to a line approximately through Linacre Street

Agent managing: Parks Victoria

Status: Full

Waiting list
No waiting list for mooring ground.
Yes, waiting list for Sandringham (Hampton) Pier pens, currently closed to new applicants

Local features: Sandringham (Hampton Pier) and Sandringham Yacht Club

Public Moorings present: No

Availability of temporary moorings: No

Weather conditions
Mooring ground susceptible to shallow waters as large sand bar runs through in front of the mooring line on low tide. Mooring ground partially protected from northerly and westerly winds due to marina breakwater.

Tackle requirements

  • Buoys: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Chain: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Weights: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor

Tender arrangements
Tenders (that service larger vessels on swing moorings) at an approved non-berthing section of a public jetty, are required to show the identification of the registered vessel on the outside structure of the tender vessel and notify Parks Victoria.

Parking available at the Sandringham (Hampton) Pier and along cliff tops along Beach Rd in Hampton. No direct boat access available with closest boat launching ramp located at Half Moon Bay

Contact: Parks Victoria 13 19 63