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Werribee Mooring Area

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  • There are currently no moorings available. at Werribee Mooring Area Wednesday 4 April, 2018
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Mooring location: Werribee River, Port Phillip

Set aside name: Werribee

Melways reference: Map 209 E11

Boundaries: 30 meters upstream from Werribee South Boat ramp

Agent managing: Parks Victoria – Williamstown office

Status: Sites available depending on size of vessel

Waiting list: Yes

Local features
Werribee Coastguard manage the boat launching facility. Werribee South Jetty is located South of the of the boat ramp, short term berthing is available and is popular for fishing. Public toilets and shower facilities are available.

Public moorings present: No

Availability of temporary moorings: No

Weather conditions
Location provides good sheltered water from most weather conditions. Tide range 1.2 meters. River can flood in certain weather conditions.

Tackle requirements

  • Buoys: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Chain: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor
  • Weights: As specified by an Authorised Mooring Tackle Contractor

Tender arrangements
Tender mooring area is located upstream from boat ramp on pile moorings in shallow water on the eastern side of the river. Tender vessel is to have main vessel registration number visible

Access: Car / trailer parking is provided at boat launching facility.

Contact: Parks Victoria 13 19 63