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Parks affected by fire

Some parks currently have closures due to fire activity.

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Aquaculture reserves

Eight offshore marine Aquaculture Fisheries Reserves have been established in Port Philip. These reserves total 1,990 ha including existing aquaculture areas and have been farmed for over 30 years.

The reserves are clearly identified by yellow ‘special marks’ (piles or buoys) with ’Aquaculture‘ inscribed in black lettering on the yellow ‘X’ top mark and yellow synchronised lights at the external boundaries. Within the Reserves are Crown lease areas designated for marine farming. Recreational users may enter the reserves at their own risk and proceed with caution but cannot enter the lease areas (within the marked boundaries) without permission of the leaseholder.

Recreational fishing can be undertaken throughout non-leased parts of the reserves in accordance with the conditions below:

  • Keep to public areas of the Aquaculture Fisheries Reserves.
  • Watch for divers and keep vessels and equipment a safe distance from aquaculture equipment.
  • Always travel at a safe speed and keep boat wash to a minimum.
  • Be aware of and comply with all boating and fisheries related regulations.
  • Don’t enter Crown leases without the express permission of the leaseholder.
  • Don’t encroach on Crown leases by keeping all equipment such as anchors, fishing lines and lures away from these areas.
  • Don’t tie up to navigation aids, aquaculture equipment or external Crown lease boundary buoys.
  • Don’t berley, clean fish or discharge human waste in or around the AFRs.

For more information contact Fisheries Victoria.