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Marine national parks and sanctuaries

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  • There have been numerous sightings of Lions Mane Jellyfish near the swimming beach over the first few weeks of January. Take some vinegar with you if you visit, and wear a full wetsuit or sunsuit for protection when swimming or snorkelling. at Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary, Monday 14 January, 2019
  • Parks Victoria has received reports of deceased birdlife on Mud Islands. An investigation to determine the cause of death is currently underway alongside relevant authorities. We have collected samples from the island, which will be sent for testing. Parks Victoria will continue to monitor the birdlife on the island over the coming weeks. Please don’t handle any birdlife or disturb carcasses. Report sightings of distressed or unwell birds by calling 13 19 63 or emailing at Mud Islands, Monday 7 January, 2019
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Port Phillip's marine national parks and sanctuaries are magnificent places for exploring marine life, snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, low speed recreational boating or sailing and photography.

They protect a unique and diverse range of marine plants, animals and habitats for the benefit of current and future generations. Around 90 percent of the plants and animals in southern Australian waters are found nowhere else in the world.

There are four marine national parks and sanctuaries within Port Phillip:

  • Jawbone-Marine-Sanctuary.jpg

    Jawbone Marine Sanctuary Jawbone Marine Sanctuary, named after its shape, is located in Williamstown and protects 30ha of coastal waters. The little promontory, west of the beach at Williamstown, has been fenced off…

  • Point-Cooke-MS.jpg

    Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary Point Cooke Marine Sanctuary is located in the north east corner of Port Phillip Bay, a mere 30 minute drive from Melbourne. The park protects 290ha of a typical Port…

  • port-phillip-heads-mnp.jpg

    Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park The park is an internationally recognised dive site, offering excellent diving and snorkelling opportunities for varying levels of experience. The park is made up of six separate marine areas around…

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    Sea Urchin

    Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary With its rockpools close to shore, Ricketts Point is the perfect place to introduce kids to the wonder of Victoria’s underwater marine life. Sandstone platforms are home to an array…