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Mornington Pier and Jetty

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  • A section of the Mornington Pier is closed for public safety until further notice due to storm damage. The majority of the pier remains accessible to visitors, including the lower landing. at Mornington Pier and Jetty Monday 16 April, 2018
  • Due to storm damage the water under and around the pier is closed to diving and swimming. Following minor works to the jetty structure the upper deck and low landing of the pier are now open allowing for pedestrian and fishing access. Parks Victoria is continuing to progress the planning for future storm recovery works associated with the pier wave screens. at Mornington Pier and Jetty Thursday 2 November, 2017
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Mornington Pier was first built in the 1850s, providing a safe berth for steamships carrying holiday makers from Melbourne. It was was also a busy departure point for vessels carrying produce to the Melbourne markets before rail arrived in the early 1890s.

Today the pier is a popular destination for a range of recreational activities including sightseeing, fishing and scuba diving.

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