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Marine national parks

Bird watching
Snorkelling/SCUBA Diving

Western Port's three marine national parks protect a diverse biological treasure trove. Largely concealed from view behind a shoreline veil of marshland and mangroves, they contain expansive intertidal mudflats, meadows of seagrass, deep channels, small
rocky reefs and an abundance of marine life. When the tide rolls out the extensive mudflats provide a source of food for migratory waders and other waterbirds.

The tides are the key to understanding Western Port’s marine life. The waters ebb and flow exposes shallow mudflats and creates deep channels that function as rich feeding grounds.

  • marine - weedy seadragon

    Churchill Island Marine National Park Located south of Rhyll, on the eastern shore of Phillip Island, in Western Port, the park extends from Long Point south of Rhyll township to the north point of Churchill…

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    French Island Marine National Park Located 10km south of Tooradin, French Island Marine National Park is adjacent to the northern shoreline of French Island National Park in Western Port. Extending 15km along the shoreline, the…

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    Yaringa Marine National Park Located between the mainland and Quail Island Nature Conservation Reserve in Western Port, this park is part of the Western Port RAMSAR wetlands and is an area of international significance…