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The canopy of tall eucalypts provides food and nesting for birds such as the Eastern Yellow Robin, Grey Fantail, Laughing Kookaburra, Currawong and Crimson Rosella and a range of honeyeaters.

At night, possums and owls emerge from tree hollows to feed amongst the spreading branches of the eucalypts.


Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve protects a small remnant of the forests that once covered the Strzelecki Ranges.

Tall Southern Blue Gums together with Blackwood and Silver Wattles grow within the sheltered gorge and along the banks of the Agnes River.

The cool moist conditions support a diverse understorey of Hazel Pomaderris, Blanket-Leaf, dogwood, Prickly Moses, clematis and a ground cover of ferns.

The drier north facing slope and ridge support an open understorey of native grasses and sedges.