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A detailed assessment of accessibility was completed in 2012. The following areas were assessed:

  • Cormorant Picnic Area
  • Swan Picnic Area
  • Aquatic Drive
  • Coot Picnic Area
  • Ampitheatre and Carousel Cafe
  • Ross Gregory Drive Carpark
  • Powerhouse Carpark

For information about the accessibility of these areas and photos, refer to the links below.


The Sailability program operates from Albert Park Yacht Club, off Aquatic Drive. This program is an introduction to sailing for people of all abilities.

  • Cormorant picnic shelter

    Cormorant Picnic Area Accessibility InformationCormorant picnic area is located at the southern end of the lake.ParkingDisabled parking is available adjacent to the entrance. The carpark is fine gravel and a path of a…

  • picnic at table - metro park

    Swan Picnic Area The picnic ground has a shelter, seating, tables and electric barbecues. Use of these facilities is on a shared basis and they cannot be booked for exclusive use.Accessibility InformationFor visitors…

  • restaurant

    Aquatic Drive Accessibility InformationThe Point Restaurant and the lake front boardwalk are both accessible from Aquatic Drive.This picturesque part of the lake has great views over the sailing area and the St…

  • Coot picnic area playground

    Coot Picnic Area Accessibility InformationAccess to the Coot Picnic area is via the Lakeside carpark off Aughtie Drive.ParkingThere is one designated disabled bay located at the southern side of the carpark adjacent to…

  • northern access - lake path

    Ampitheatre and Carousel Cafe Accessibility InformationAmpitheatreThe Amphitheatre is located further south on Aughtie Drive. Access is via the Carousel car park. Adjacent to the restaurant building are three designated disabled car parks on the…

  • carparking

    Powerhouse Carpark Accessibility informationAccess to the Eastern side of the lake can be gained from the Powerhouse carpark. There are two designated disabled bays on the southern side of the car park…

  • accessibility - carpark

    Ross Gregory Drive Carpark Accessibility InformationA great view up the entire lake and across to the city can be had from Ross Gregory Drive. There are two designated parallel parking spaces and a good…