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Ampitheatre and Carousel Cafe

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Accessibility Information


The Amphitheatre is located further south on Aughtie Drive. Access is via the Carousel car park. Adjacent to the restaurant building are three designated disabled car parks on the southern side of the main carpark.

Amphitheatre parking

Access to the Amphitheatre grass area is via the northern side of the forecourt.

Albert-Park_Amphitheatre_Northern-access_01 northern access

The Amphitheatre is a large grassed area with a central stage area. The grass is hard but relatively thick.

northern access - grass

The lake-side trail is wide, hard surfaced fine gravel.

northern access - lake path

Carousel cafe

There is an accessible boardwalk out over the lake in front of the Carousel Restaurant.

boardwalk - carousel

On the southern side of the restaurant is a cafe. Ramped access is available via the southern side of the Carousel Restaurant forecourt. There are two ramps. The one closest to the carpark gives access to the lake side trail only and the one closest to the building gives access to the cafe.

carousel - cafe access ramp

carousel - forecourt

southern lakeside ramp

The only accessible toilet facilities available at this location are inside the Carousel.