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Swan Picnic Area

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The picnic ground has a shelter, seating, tables and electric barbecues. Use of these facilities is on a shared basis and they cannot be booked for exclusive use.

Accessibility Information

For visitors with limited mobility

The Swan picnic area is at the very northern end of the park. It offers a large area of trees providing a relaxing, shady location on a summers afternoon. Access is via Albert Road with the main parking area off Albert Road Drive.


Picnic shelter and facilities

A picnic shelter is available near the middle entrance to the park on Albert Road Drive. The pavilion contains four tables, each of which has two roll under sides allowing for two wheelchairs at each table.


The pavilion has an electric barbecue with a working height of 90 centimetres.


There are aslo shaded picnic tables available but none have roll under ends.


There is a recently-construced barbecue facility with a working height of 90 centimetres. There is a large concrete area surrounding the barbecues.