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Alfred National Park

Tree-fall gap
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Eupomatia laurina
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Warm temperate rainforest
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Warm Temperate Rainforest
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Dense forest

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Alfred National Park contains some of the most southerly occurrences of warm temperate rainforest in Australia. The vegetation communities found within the park contain species of flora and fauna that are uncommon in the rest of Victoria. Albert Park makes a valuable contribution to Victoria’s national parks, in the protection of natural and cultural values.

Getting here

Alfred National Park is located 480km from Melbourne to the east of Cann River and is transected by the Princes Highway.

Things to see and do

Although there is little opportunity for visitors to stop and enjoy the park due to the risk posed by high speed traffic, brief glimpses of the spectacular forested foothills of the Drummer Range may be made while driving along the Princes Highway. Early in the morning, you may also see Lyrebirds darting across the road and hear the calls of an amazing array of birdlife.

Stopping on the side of the road is not recommended, so for those who wish to enjoy the rainforest experience on foot, the Bemm River Scenic Reserve on the Melbourne side of Cann River is a great alternative.

Aboriginal Traditional Owners

Parks Victoria acknowledges the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Victoria - including its parks and reserves. Through their cultural traditions, the Bidawal and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero identify the Alfred National Park as their Traditional Country.

Further information is available from Aboriginal Affairs Victoria AAV  and Native Title Services Victoria.

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