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Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan

The Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan guides the future management of the Alpine, Baw Baw, Errinundra, Mount Buffalo and Snowy River national parks, Avon Wilderness Park, Tara Range Park, and Walhalla, Howqua Hills, Grant, Mount Wills and Mount Murphy Historic Areas.

The intent of the plan is to protect and enhance the outstanding natural, cultural and recreational values within the parks that cover over 900 000 hectares in Eastern Victoria. It adopts a landscape-scale approach for managing fire, catchments, pest plants and animals, and recreation and tourism across the Greater Alpine National Parks.

The plan outlines a new visitor experience framework approach that aims to promote the value and experiences important to park visitors in specific settings, destinations and journeys and seeks to maximise the social and economic benefits of the parks beyond their boundaries including water supply, tourism and education.

Management Plan

1. Planning Area

2. Management Zones

Map 2A: Baw Baw – Walhalla PDF File, 12.6 MB

Map 2B: Mount Buffalo PDF File, 16.4 MB

Map 2C: Wonnangatta – Moroka PDF File, 10.6 MB

Map 2D: King – Howqua PDF File, 9.7 MB

Map 2E: Bogong PDF File, 14.1 MB

Map 2H: Snowy – Errinundra PDF File, 9.4 MB

3. Access and Visitor Destinations

Map 3A: Baw Baw – Walhalla PDF File, 4.9 MB

Map 3B: Mount Buffalo PDF File, 5.0 MB

Map 3F: King – Howqua PDF File, 5.6 MB

Map 3G: Bogong North PDF File, 17.7 MB

Map 3H: Bogong South PDF File, 18.0 MB

Map 3K: Snowy – Errinundra PDF File, 5.3 MB

Map 3E: Howqua – Howitt PDF File, 5.0 MB

4. Horse Riding and Camping

Map 4A: Baw Baw – Walhalla PDF File, 6.4 MB

Map 4B: Mount Buffalo PDF File, 4.7 MB

Map 4E: King – Howqua PDF File, 4.6 MB

Map 4F: Bogong North PDF File, 17.6 MB

Map 4G: Bogong South PDF File, 18.0 MB

Map 4J: Snowy – Errinundra PDF File, 4.5 MB

Map 4D: Howqua - Howitt PDF File, 5.3 MB

5. Deer Hunting

Map 5: Deer Hunting Overview PDF File, 9.4 MB