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Safety and regulations


  • All the plants and animals in the park are protected. Leave the park as you find it.
  • Bins are not provided. Please take your rubbish with you.
  • Firearms are only permitted in the park according to hunting regulations. Please refer to the hunting page.
  • Solid fuel stoves are not permitted. Use a portable gas stove instead.
  • Campsites must be at least 20 metres from waterways.
  • Toilet waste must be buried to a depth of at least 15cm and at least 100m away from waterways.
  • Dispose of soap and detergent at least 50m from waterways.
  • Keep to designated tracks.
  • Vehicles and motorbikes may be used only on roads open to public vehicles. All vehicles must be registered and drivers licensed.

Dog regulations

  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted.


  • Use a map and compass.
  • Let someone know about your trip plans for emergency contact if required.
  • For safety, have a minimum of four people in your group.
  • The weather can change and deteriorate suddenly and without warning. Snow can fall at any time of year, even mid-summer. Ensure you are adequately prepared.
  • Know the symptoms of hypothermia and guard against it.
  • Wear sunglasses and use sunscreen even on dull days. Wear a shady hat in summer, a woolly one in winter.
  • Don't hesitate to turn back if the trip becomes too difficult or the weather deteriorates.
  • If you plan to travel away from main roads, carry a large-scale map and obtain local information about road conditions.
  • Vehicle tracks and walking tracks may be closed at short notice due to fire management activities, climatic extremes, and for environmental or safety reasons.
  • Petrol stations are few and far between. Ensure your car has adequate fuel.
  • This park has been assessed to have a high level of bushfire risk and will be closed for public safety on days of Code Red Fire Danger Rating. Only the sections of this park that are within the relevant BoM district will be closed.
  • Fires (including barbecues) must not be lit on days of Total Fire Ban. For more information about Total Fire Bans visit the CFA website.