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There are a wide variety of walks in the Alpine National Park and the adjacent Mount Hotham Alpine Resort.

The day and overnight walks described in 'The High Country - walks around Feathertop, Hotham and Dinner Plain' Park Note are just a selection from many possibilities. Refer to this Park Note for a map.

The walking season lasts from early November to late May as the area is usually snow covered during the winter and early spring.

Mount Loch area

Several walks start at the Loch Carpark, 1 km west (Harrietville side) of Mt Hotham Village.

Mount Loch

8 km return

Mt Loch (1887 metres) affords impressive views of the High Plains, Mt Hotham and the rugged east face of Mt Feathertop. It can be reached by following the AAWT for 3.5 km to pole 60. Leave the pole line here, follow a vehicle track north past the rocky basalt columns for 0.5 km. Climb to the summit along a track on the north western side of Mt Loch. Return by the same route.

Derrick Hut

9 km return

Charlie Derrick was a cross country skier who died in a blizzard while attempting to ski from Mt Bogong to Mt Hotham.
Derrick Hut was built as a day shelter for cross country skiers and is not for overnight accommodation. Follow the AAWT pole line from the Loch Carpark to pole 94 and on to Derrick Hut.

Spargo Hut

11 km return

Spargo Hut belonged to Bill Spargo, a well known local identity who discovered and opened the Red Robin Mine and ran the first Hotham Heights guest house

Follow the AAWT pole line to pole 84 and then an unmarked walking track downhill and to the south for 1 km to the hut. Return by the same route.

Dibbins Hut

18 km return

As the original Dibbins Hut, built in 1920, was beyond repair, a new hut was built on the same site in 1987 using similar log construction and design. Standing on a snow plain beside the Cobungra River it makes a pleasant destination for a day walk or an overnight hike. Follow the pole line past Derrick Hut and down Swindlers Spur to the hut near pole 187.

Dibbins - Mount Loch Circuit

19 km return

Dibbins Hut can be included in a longer day or overnight walk. Follow the pole line past Dibbins Hut to Cobungra Gap, 0.5 km further on. Leave the pole line here and follow the track for 2 km to a junction where the Red Robin battery is located. Turn left along the four wheel drive track. This climbs Machinery Spur, past the Red Robin Adit, towards the summit of Mt Loch.

Climb Mt Loch and return to the vehicle track. Continue for 0.5 km to rejoin the pole line and follow it back to the Loch Carpark. For an overnight walk, the best campsite is on the Cobungra River near Dibbins Hut.

Dinner Plain area

Hotham - Dinner Plain ‘Ski’ Trail

13 km one way

Outside the snow season this cross country ski trail makes a pleasant walk or cycling track, meandering through Snow Gum woodland and open snow plains. Starting at the Hotham General Store and finishing at Dinner Plain Village the trail is never far from the Great Alpine Road.

Paw Paw Plain

2 km return

Paw Paw Plain is only a short distance from the Great Alpine Road and affords fine views of the remote Dargo River Valley and Mt Tabletop. The track leaves the Great Alpine Road 100 metres on the Omeo side of Mother Johnson Entrance Station. It climbs steeply at first, then follows a ridge to the plain. Return by the same route.

Brandy Creek Mine to Cobungra River

8 km return

This disused vehicle track leaves the Great Alpine Road 6 km towards Omeo from Hotham Village. After a 1 km well defined track, the extensive works of what was once the Brandy Creek Gold Mine can be seen on the right. Continue down the track to the delightful flats of the Cobungra River. Allow some time to explore the river and return by the same route.

Mount Tabletop

10 km return

Mt Tabletop is a distinctive flat plateau linked to the Great Dividing Range by a low ridge. In this untracked area at the headwaters of the Dargo River there is a distinct feeling of isolation. From JB Plain, 9 km towards Omeo from Hotham Village, walk south (following an old fence line) across the plains for 0.5 km. From here the route is marked by orange triangular markers. After crossing snow plains and Snow Gum woodland the route drops down to Tabletop Creek and then follows a long ridge up to the plateau. The track is marked to a rocky outcrop just below the summit. Return by the same route.

Carmichael Falls

2 km return

The walk starts at the sign post on the Dinner Plain Track (4WD) directly south of the Dinner Plain Village. The track leads to a lookout over picturesque falls among the Snow Gums. Do not leave the track or approach the cliff edge.

Precipice Plain

9 km return

Walk along the Dinner Plain Track to a lovely natural lookout across the remote Dargo Valley.

Mount Feathertop area

Mt Feathertop (1922 metres) rises sharply on all sides to a spectacular alpine peak. Carved into the steep eastern face, Avalanche and Hell Fire gullies graphically describe its ruggedness. The mountain should be treated with respect and walkers should be fit and prepared for the sudden onset of bad weather. In winter, only experienced parties should attempt to ski in the area. There are three access tracks to the summit, the Bungalow Spur, North West Spur and the Razorback.

Bon Accord Spur

24 km return

The Bon Accord Spur was the route taken by walkers, horseriders and pack horses to Mt Hotham before the Great Alpine Road was built. Today it provides a pleasant walk to Mt Hotham, or it can be part of a route taking in the Razorback and Bungalow Spur. For this, an overnight camp would be necessary. Take the first left after the Snowline Hotel in Harrietville (towards Hotham). Drive along the road for 1 km to the signposted start of the walk. Follow the Ovens River - East Branch for 5 km. The steep climb up the spur starts from the bridge at Washington Creek. The Bon Accord Hut ruin is 9.5 km from the start of the track. From here it is 2 km up to the Razorback, then 0.5 km to the Great Alpine Road.

Bungalow Spur

22 km return

The Bungalow Spur Track is the most popular approach to Mt Feathertop. It is well graded and sheltered for most of its length. To reach the start of the track, turn left off the Great Alpine Road at Harrietville, just before the school bridge over the Ovens River. Follow the road for 0.5 km to the parking area and notice board.

North West Spur

18 km return

This is a less frequently used route to Mt Feathertop. It is rough and very steep in places. Leave the Great Alpine Road at the Stony Creek Trout Farm, 6 km south of Harrietville. Cross the bridge and park your vehicle. Walk up the track beside Stony Creek avoiding private property by staying close to the creek. Within 0.5 km you come to sign marking the boundary of the Alpine National Park. The track crosses the creek twice before climbing steeply to the spur. The domed MUMC Hut is 7 km from the start of the walk. From here it is 2 km to the summit along a flat ridge and up a steep climb. Return via Bungalow Spur to Harrietville or retrace your steps.

The Razorback

22 km

The Razorback Walking Track beings at Diamantina Hut, 2.5 km on the Harrietville side of the Hotham Village. It crosses the high ridge linking Mt Hotham and Mt Feathertop. The route is generally above the tree line so you will enjoy excellent views most of the way. The ridge is very exposed and should be not be crossed in unsettled or bad weather. The junction with the Bungalow Spur Track is 1.5 km from the summit at a site called The Cross. The final climb to the top is steep but well worth the effort. Return by the same route or, if you have made suitable transport arrangements, walk down to Harrietville via the Bungalow Spur Tack.